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shopaholic3585's Journal
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Sunday, June 26th, 2005
10:33 pm
today...was good!! I didn't do to much!! I moved my room around a little and pretty much I have twice as much room... well it feels like it!! I hung out with my favorite person today... i didn't think i would get too.... but it made me happy.. his name is mark.. I guess I havn't wrote in here for a long long time... but im now bored!! Mark is my first bf... and he's absolutely perfect for me!! I never thought I could meet someone soo much like me.. he's everything on my list!! and I like him soo much it sorta scares me because I have only known him for 3 months and i feel as if i have known him for years and I like him alot, alot ... i dunno about love or anything cause I don't really know wut love is! I guess it's when someone has such strong feelings in one person that if u couldn't ever see them again or hold them u wouldn't be able to go on!! Or just some that u find so special and so different from everyone else u have met and u appreciate them with great passion.. someone u feel that is sooo sooo important to u.. but i reallly have no clue wut love is.. i guess it differs for everyone! well anywayzz mark is perfect for me!!! and i think about him alot!! Today I also talked to my mom for awhile which was nice and exercised and was on the internet way way to much... i hate the internet!! its such a good way to get out of doing everything!!! good way of procrastinating or using up time... i think I'm addicted to the internet... and I'm going to stop... going on!!! hahaha good one right!! so I watched the notebook today... and its not my favorite movie or even close.. but its really cute.. and they have like the hottest make out scenes in it!! and its just soo cute...omg awwwww.... like how they love each other soo much.... omg... I'm such a girl!!!
Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
9:36 pm
ok, well today!! I'm being really lazy and i'm disappointed in myself cause i got shit done!!! and im trying to do my online math and ya its not happening!!! so i decided to write in here!!! i made dinner tonight and it tasted yummy! spaghetti!!!! I need to go to green river really bad and have them send my old transcripts to colleges!! but i keep making excuses. I watched this make over show today and it made me laugh, i think I want to be made over!! for fun!!! but then wut if u look worse!! cause the lady today was about even!!!anywayzzzzzzz i don't have to much to talk about.. im just blahhhhh today!!! In my speech class there this nasty ass guy, who like i have said oen word to and never want to see him again. Like it grosses me out looking at him!! he gavea speech today and i tryed to watch the whole time but i coudln't he was just so gross. I loked at the floor and on my deck. And im pretty sure this guy is like some druged out, fucked up, rappist, criminal. He like stares at ppl in class and gives them and weird look, that i think looks pervy!!! yucky!!! and he todl me i looked like darma from darma and greg I was like dude do u have freaking goggles on!!! NOT EVEN!!! and he called me molly simms one time to!!! how does he know my name??? i haven o idea!! its scary!!! any ways i'm goign to go and attempt at my math!!
Saturday, October 2nd, 2004
12:11 am
ok so today i went to school and totally failed my chemistry quiz then i was late to work and then i had to stay later!!! then i got home and i talked to ppl- and they made me sad!!! IM DEPRESSED TODAY!!!!
Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
4:26 pm
4:08 pm
blah blah blah
well, today i went to the Doctors office
and i got there and everyone in the room
but like one person was like old. Like not
just old but really freaking old. Like great
great grandparents. And i usually wait like
an hour to go into the actual Dr. office.
Only a 5 min wait today.

I think i know y my waiting was less then normal.
Someone finaly told them that im a punk.
And she doesn't like to wait for anything or she will beat ur ass up.
Bad ass.....ya thats ME... hahaha

well then i left the doctor office and walked out of that place like i was a gangsta wanna be and went to my car. But none of the old ppl new i was a wanna-be there like damn teen gangsters. and i was like WORD old peoples!!

Then i went to fred meyers (its ur store, wait damn thats alberstons w/e its a cool song.) and then i bought stuff liek milk and cat food and ummm flour and neat stuff like that.

And then i went home and did alot of boring stuff again!!! I ate a good lunch today!!!! and i did laundry!!! and i fell asleep. I start school next week on the 22nd and im sorta happy!!! well kinda!!!

Today im in a snickers candy bar mood!!!! yummy and a umm... cheese and cracker mood!!!!!! YA thats it!!! (peace out nemo's hahha thats lame)
Tuesday, September 14th, 2004
5:37 pm
i sent this already
Dude: fall ur dumb I meant to post it twice!!! wut now??? haha so there. Nemo is my friend and he lives in my room!!! and im looking at him now!!! he is a palm tree!!! and is KOOL!!!! he likes water!!! this one time today:my brother missed the bus and was freaking out and yelling stuff and throwing pokemon cards at me and then i drove him to school in my cooool cool car!!!! the kia.kia kia kia!!! and then a cop glared at me and i told him to back off bitch!!! and then he was like woooo ok man ur freakin scary. Ur a bad ass punk. And then i went home and got ready for work and then i went to work and this retarded guy there was bugging me and i found out he straightens his hair sometiems!!! would u say GAY!!! and then i was like ur weird and then he's like ur mean and im like ya i know!!! and then I asked him about his problem. And he got sorta mad and was like don't talk about it and then he didn't answer the question, which means no. And then my work said I could go home. And I was like cool and they were like cool!!! And then the people at my work were like peace out!!! and I was like UR not black!!! ur dumb!!! and then they threw popcorn and I ran out of the building and jumbed in my kia!!! and went home!!! and then when i got home I did a bunch of boring stuff. And then i voted!!! VOTING FREAKING KICKS ASS!!! and i voted republican and i didn't no who to vote for!!! and so i picked my favorite name, which was dumb!!! and then ya some one won!!! go them!!! and then george bush came to my house and was like thanks for voting ur my hero and i was like dude dont' hit on me im like to young!!! and ur old!!! and then he was like well laura won't care and i was like ewww freak!!! and i threw marshmellows and raisens and was like i hate republicans now!!! JOKINg!! and then I made cookies!!! GOOD ONES!!! really good
ones!!! and im done talkign for today!!!! yippie ur excited!!!
5:35 pm
DID IT WORK!!!!! this isn't a real entry don't read!!! or u willl turn into a whale!!!!
4:12 pm
Dude have u ever had a stalker named paul walker!!! well i have!!! i see his arm every where. dude he's lame!! and so is this girl i know named EGG!!!!
4:12 pm
Dude have u ever had a stalker named paul walker!!! well i have!!! i see his arm every where. dude he's lame!! and so is this girl i know named EGG!!!!
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